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QL2 is a data extraction tool that delivers competitive insights and a comprehensive picture of the market to clients around the globe. QL2 was founded in 2001 in Baltimore, Maryland. QL2 is a tool that identifies pricing gaps and helps clients maximize sales and profitability.

Large Size Businesses & Enterprise
Starting price 1,999.00 USD / month
Free trial
Not offered
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas
Phone support, Business hours
Demo session, Documentation, Webinars
Supported Languages

Typical Customers

  • QL2 serves Large-Market & Enterprise level retailers wordwide. Most of their clients are from travel industry.
  • QL2 provides a real-time view of competitor assortments and pricing positions to drive winning promotional strategy.


  • QL2 offers tools designed to solve clients' most complex data issues, provide insights into its competitive market, save time and resources, detect clients' optimal pricing strategy, and improve customer service.
  • QL2's data comes with visualizations and analytics tools to enable smooth and strategic decision-making. Even though their data is complex, their approach is simple and allows clients to have real-time data whenever and however is convenient.
  • An additional feature offered is assortment optimization that corrects gaps in clients' catalogs to increase conversion rate and calculate optimal inventory quantity to meet demand.


  • QL2 offers different monthly plans starting from $1,999.00 / month.
  • Pricing plans are subject to change depending on your needs and the complexity of your request.


  • QL2's intuitive tool saves valuable time and empowers more informed decisions. It's one of the few tools on the market that able to monitor and scrape marketplaces and bot-aware websites, as well as to capture any data type displayed on a product page.
  • All the reports provided by QL2 is fully customizable. You can export any type of report in your desired format.


  • The company mainly targets large and enterprise-size businesses, which could make tools unaffordable for small and medium companies.
  • QL2 doesn't offer a free trial, meaning you can't test it before you pay for the tool.

Is it good for you?


  • If you do not mind about the money that you need to pay
  • If you are comfortable with not having a free trial period
  • If you do not need a tool with advanced dynamic pricing features
  • If you do not need any e-commerce platform or API integration


  • In all other cases
Price Monitoring
Competitive Insights
Assortment Optimization
Monitoring sites with good IT protection
Data Extraction
Customizable Reports
Pricing Analytics
Strategic Decision Making

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