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Purple Pricing was founded several years ago, and it is based on Hempstead, UK. Purple Pricing provides a cloud based application to simply monitor real website prices, and present this data via a number of key analytical reports.

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Typical Customers

  • Purple Pricing providing service for all sizes of retailers and manufacturers around the world.


  • PurplePricing is created by ecommerce professionals who owned their own eCommerce business. It’s a fully automated system that allows you to prioritize key data, giving you and your colleagues time to focus on your own sales.
  • The data collated by Purple Pricing is automatically placed into graphs giving you a clear, visual representation. A variety of user configurable, powerful ‘reports’ are also available, each designed to make analyzing your comparisons easier. Whether you wish to monitor previous prices, highlight the history of particular products and retailers or find opportunities to increase your sales, each of the reports are simple and easy to use and add benefit for everyone looking to monitor and compare large quantities of pricing data. You are also able to download the filtered data directly to your internal systems.
  • Purple Pricing also provides 2 different services to extract dynamic information upon their client request. Standard Service uses the data you input (either individually or in bulk) to search either Google shopping or Amazon marketplace for the products presented. The presented prices are then extracted and presented in the output download. Customized Service covertly gathering dynamic information based on selected options and entered data.


  • Purple Pricing's cloud application capable of to track from 100 to 100,000 products online.
  • The service cost depends on the number of products that you are aiming to monitor, and how many retailers you are wishing to track.
  • Due to complexity of price points you are extracting, higher prices may apply.
  • If you require more info, you can contact with their team.


  • No technical staff or particular expertise required to work with the service, nor will you need to install software. It's easy to use. Automated scanner checks the prices at least once a day. If the price changes, you'll be notified with an email.
  • Moreover, Purple Pricing's service allows companies to collect business intelligence on how products are being sold. If you are a manufacturer this allows you to manage your channel, if you are retailer it allows you to maximize profit by targeting your prices, and allows you to focus marketing spend in the appropriate way.
  • Customized data extractions enable clients to define the information that they require from the page (e.g. form filling, drop-downs, and multi-page quotations), how this should be reported, and also the frequency with which to gather and report the information.


  • Although PurpleExtract seems to be their main business branch (working only with GoogleShopping and Amazon), many things are unclear from their side. For example:
  • Unclear product matching process
  • Unclear pricing structure
  • Unclear ability to capture prices from sites try to block bots
  • Unclear ability to capture prices from pages containing multiple product options

Is it good for you?


  • Not enough data to make clear conclusion


  • Not enough data to make clear conclusion
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