Priceva – Competitor price tracking and MAP monitoring

Priceva is a competitor price tracking and MAP monitoring tool, founded in 2016, in Moscow. The tool helps online stores and brands monitor prices & enhance their pricing strategies and discounts for customers.

All sizes of business
Starting price 99 USD/month
Free trial
Free version of the app is available
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas
Google BigQuery
Chat, Phone (during business hours), Email support
Demo, Onboarding
Supported Languages
Russian, English

Typical Customers

  • Priceva's typical customers are online stores/retailers, brands, and distributors. They are helping retailers to know their competitors' prices, and brands to check if their price strategy is respected in the distribution channel.


  • Priceva is a competitor price tracking tool for online stores and brands. It automatically collects data and delivers it to you on a daily basis in the form of a report.
  • The tool can literally track prices in any country or currency. The captured data is summarized on a single screen, making it easier to analyze it at a glance for both retailers and manufacturers.
  • The rule-based repricing platform of Priceva allows you to optimize prices with customizable pricing rules considering your competitors' prices.


  • Priceva offers different pricing plans according to the number of products to be tracked as well as the competitors.
  • Free version of the app is available and the minimum monthly price plan starts at 99 USD.
  • More information on price plans can be found on the website of Priceva, or you can simply contact their support team.


  • Priceva's intuitive tool allows you to compare your prices with the minimum and average prices of competitors and make smart decisions accordingly.
  • By using the MAP monitoring module of Priceva, you would not only understand whether there is a violation but also how big is the deviation from the MSRP.
  • Priceva's rule-based dynamic pricing platform automates pricing and monitoring of competitors' pricing across products, categories, and brands.


  • Import of products is not supported in all the price plans offered by Priceva.
  • The user interface of Priceva is rather crowded, making it hard to move around.

Is it good for you?


  • If you are looking for a relatively cheap price monitoring solution
  • If you are looking for a platform with dynamic pricing and MAP features
  • If you are part of the ex-Soviet or global market (Priceva aims to acquire more international clients)


  • In all other cases
Daily data updates
Data Import / Export
Product matching
Analytical reports
MAP features
Price Optimization

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