Price Control – Monitor and control prices on the Internet

Price Control was launched in 2016, in Ukraine. Price Control’s solutions help clients to monitor and control prices which results in a better overview of their market presence.

All sizes of business
Starting price 35 USD/month
Free trial
14-day free trial is offered
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas, Mobile
No integrations are offered
Chat, Phone (during business hours), Email support
Demo, Onboarding, Blog
Supported Languages
Russian, Ukranian

Typical Customers

  • Price Control serves online retailers, brands/manufacturers, and distributors of all sizes. They are collaborating with clients from all industries, but the outstanding one is Electronics. Currently, they are mostly working with ex-Soviet countries, but the company will soon enter the English-speaking market.


  • Price Control helps you monitor and analyze the prices of your competitors.
  • The tool can monitor and capture any information displayed on any eShop or marketplace.
  • The product prices are updated once a day and accordingly, reports are sent to clients. Upon request prices can be monitored more frequently upon request (i.e. twice or four times a day).
  • By using Price Control, you can also enforce MAP policy and spot unauthorized sellers.


  • Price Control offers different price plans starting from 35 USD per month.
  • Pricing plans differ depending on the number of URLs to be tracked within an account and also the feature set required by the user.
  • For more details, you can get in touch with the support team of Price Control.


  • Price Contol's simple yet effective tool gives you a way to monitor not only product prices but also the product assortment of your competitors or retailers.
  • By using Price Control's high-quality product matching services, you can get the market overview while staying up to date with accurate data.
  • Visualizing your price and product positioning compared to your competitors or understanding pricing strategies of your retailers is a simple task with Price Control.
  • Also, the tool allows you to export your data any time you want and share it with your team.


  • Price Control supports semi-automated matching with a manual confirmation. The classic manual matching approach is not applicable.
  • The GUI of Price Control is way to basic and slow, therefore clients are usually relying on Excel sheets.

Is it good for you?


  • If you come from an industry where all competitors use the same part numbers such as; EAN / UPC.
  • If you come from a less competitive industry that your competitors are not updating prices quite actively
  • If you are a part of the Russian-speaking market
  • If you need a solution that can monitor sites with a good IT protection


  • In all other cases
Daily data updates
Data Export
Semi-automated product matching
MAP features
Pricing Analysis
Monitoring websites with good IT protection

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