PriceComparator –  Automatic price monitoring solution

PriceComparator is an online solution dedicated to e-retailers, brands, and suppliers to optimize their strategic decisions. The company was launched in 2017 and it’s based in France.

All sizes of business
Starting price 79 EUR/month
Free trial
A free trial is not offered
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas, Mobile
No integrations are offered
Chat, Phone (during business hours), Email support
Demo, Onboarding, Blog
Supported Languages
English, French

Typical Customers

  • PriceComparator is a price monitoring solution essential to all e-merchants, brands, and manufacturers. They serve all sizes of clients around the globe, however, most of their clients are enterprise ones. PriceComparator is helping customers to know the price trends, assortment, and stocks of their competitors' products.


  • PriceComparator monitors the market for you to optimize your pricing and marketing policies compared to your competitors.
  • The tool checks monitored eShops once a day and sends daily alerts, including all the occurred changes. So, you can make sure to stay up to date on the market.
  • PriceComparator offers an add-on to analyze the capabilities of your competitors' marketing campaigns, in addition to its regular price monitoring features.


  • PriceComparator offers different price plans (eCommerce and Brands packs) starting with a 79 EUR per month.
  • Pricing plans differ depending on the number of products and eShops to be tracked within an account and also the feature set required by the user.
  • All the add-ons come with an additional price and it depends on various criteria. For more details, you can get in touch with the PriceComparator team.


  • PriceComparator's feature-rich tool turns complex price monitoring into a simple one. With it, you can easily optimize your pricing and marketing policies.
  • PriceComparator's bots daily work for you to provide selling prices, inventory, and promotions of your competitors. So, you can get the market overview and daily notifications while staying up to date with fresh data.
  • PriceComparator gives you a way to follow each competitor's latest marketing trends and commercials actions. This way, you can analyze your market performance while optimizing your strategy.
  • In a matter of clicks, you can visualize your price and product positioning compared to your competitors, hence identify products in order to optimize your margin.
  • Exporting data and sharing it with your team is also a click away meaning that you can improve your strategic choices and act at the right time.


  • PriceComparator doesn’t offer a free trial, so you can’t test it out before deciding on any payments.
  • PriceComparator supports semi-automated matching with a manual confirmation. The classic manual matching approach is not applicable.
  • Some of the important features that the tool provides come with an additional price, depending on the various criteria, so it can be hard to afford for small businesses.
  • The tool in a way is limiting you, it's hard to make some of the basic actions without asking for help from the team of PriceComparator.

Is it good for you?


  • If you come from an industry where all competitors use the same part numbers such as; EAN / UPC.
  • If you come from a less competitive industry that your competitors are not updating prices quite actively
  • If you need a solution that can monitor your competitors' marketing campaigns in addition to price monitoring


  • If you are looking for a self-service software
  • If you need a powerful reporting and analytics solution
  • If you have a very small number of products to be monitored
  • If you have budget concerns
Semi-automated product matching
Daily data updates
Price and stock availability daily change alerts
Data Export
Captures product images & thumbs
MAP features
Marketing trends and commercial actions monitoring
Profitability Analysis

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