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Price2Spy was launched in May 2011 and it is based in Belgrade, Serbia. Price2Spy is a price monitoring, price comparison and repricing tool, meant to help eCommerce professionals keep an eye on their competitors, or retailers.

All sizes of businesses
Many price plans, starting from 23.95 USD / month
Free trial
Free 30-day trial
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas , Mobile - Android, iOS
Magento, Google Shopping, Shopify, BigCommerce, Woocommerce, PrestaShop, 3dcart, Shopware
Online support, Phone support, Business hours
Demo session, Video Tutorials, Documentation
Supported Languages
English, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Russian, Turkish, French, Serbian

Typical Customers

  • Price2Spy serves from small family businesses to large international companies around the globe.
  • The service helps eCommerce professionals including; retailers, brands/manufacturers and distributors to monitor, analyze pricing data and optimize their pricing strategy in order to boost sales and revenue, depending on their market strategy.


  • Online price monitoring and comparison tool, Price2Spy based on 4 main mechanisms (price comparison, price change alerts, pricing analytics, and repricing), it provides essential aid – Both in everyday pricing operations (an email alert each time it detects a price or availability change) and in strategic decision-making.
  • With advanced features like B2B price checks (prices protected by username / password), in-cart price capturing and stealth IP monitoring, it represents state-of-the-art solution when it comes to price monitoring.
  • Additionally, they also offer data entry services - product matching across competitor sites, both in a manual and automatic way.


  • Price2Spy has different pricing plans depending on the number of 'Product URLs' to be monitored within an account and also the feature set required by the user.
  • A large number of price plans ready to cover up any needs and starting from 23.95 USD, up to 1199.95 USD (or more, for custom plans) .
  • Basic and Premium pricing plans which depends on the number of product URLs, come along with varying feature sets covered.


  • Price2Spy is one of the oldest services in the industry that is created by e-commerce professionals who owned their own e-commerce business in 2010.
  • Although a technically powerful tool, Price2Spy has been made very simple and intuitive for end-users (no technical knowledge required). The tool can handle any number of sites to be monitored and there is no limit in the number of competitors & products that can be monitored.
  • Price2Spy also offering both pricing data acquisition and numerous reporting mechanisms used to analyze that data. Moreover, in addition to its own API integration, it easily integrates with some of major e-commerce platforms, such as; Magento, Google Shopping, and it allows you to update pricing in real-time.
  • Lastly, by using PriceSpy's Repricing Module; you can reprice your products manually, or automatically.


  • Relatively, their automated product matching (Automatch) applicable in very few industries and it works good, only, if you have large number of products which are uniquely match-able . On the other hand, regarding their pricing structure, they charge per URL not per product.

Is it good for you?


  • If you’re looking for a flexible price monitoring solution
  • If you don't want to be limited by number of competitors / sites to monitor
  • If you want to monitor products with different parameters
  • If you want to monitor Bot-aware Websites
  • If you'd like to take an advantage of re-pricing opportunities for potential profits
  • If you use supported Ecommerce platforms such as; Magento, Google Shopping, Shopify


  • In all other cases
Unlimited number of competitors
Manual product matching
Data Import / Export
Price and stock availability change alerts
Analytical Reports
Sites monitoring with good IT protection
Advanced price detection
Pricing Analytics
MAP Features
Site Crawl / Scrape
Price Optimization
Profitability Analysis

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