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Price Manager was founded in 2009 and it is based in New Jersey, USA. Price Manager is a subscription-based service that helps retailers, manufacturers, and other interested parties track online pricing, as well as other competitive intelligence.

All sizes of businesses
Free trial
Free 30-day trial
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Web - Cloud, Saas
Google Analytics, Secret Shopper Data
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Typical Customers

  • Price Manager serves all sizes of retailers and manufacturers around the world. It tracks product pricing from other retailers or manufacturers, helping you increase business opportunities.


  • Price Manager provides you with custom print labels and in-store kiosks. As an online price monitoring tool, the software uses web crawlers to collect data and store them in a centralized location for easy access and quick processing.
  • It scans a competitor’s entire website or a specific category or brand within a website to obtain complete details on product assortment, price, and any other available data. With tool, you can track individual sites, marketplaces, and/or shopping engines.


  • Price Manager offers different monthly pricing plans
  • The plan you choose depends on the number of products you want to track, as well as the number of competitors you wish to monitor.


  • Price Manager is one of the oldest services in the industry that is established by market professionals in 2009. Price Manager streamlines tracking requirements using state-of-the-art technology for high-level security, enhanced efficiency, and fast results. The software also comes with easy-to-use functions.
  • Subscription-based service, the software provides a convenient way to monitor the pricing of thousands of products in one click. You can view and generate detailed reports on competitor trends and price differentials for implementation of online marketing strategies. Additionally, it integrates with Google Analytics, Secret Shopper Data and your system.


  • Price Manager doesn't disclose pricing on their website and they are mainly targeting large sized businesses.
  • They do not offer Manual product matching (neither as an additional service, nor if client wants to perform it himself). Since crawling approach means that monitoring the whole brand / category – by using their tool you are monitoring the products that you may not want monitored.

Is it good for you?


  • If you do not mind about the money that you need to pay


  • In all other cases
Unlimited number of competitors
Email Alerts
Data Export
Analytical Reports
Pricing Analytics
MAP Features
Site crawl

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