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Minderest was founded in 2012 and it is based in Murcia, Spain. Minderest is a company with a solid technological base, providing artificial intelligence to brands and online companies to help them boost their sales and market visibility.

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Typical Customers

  • Minderest serves from innovative startups to large retailers and brands all over the world. Minderest helps retailers who need to know their competitors' prices, and manufacturers to check if their price strategy is respected in the distribution channel.


  • A pioneering company, Minderest offers: price and assortment intelligence, dynamic pricing, catalouge intelligence, pricing optimization and MAP monitoring for online retailers and brands.
  • Minderest's advance features allow you to monitor price comparison site and marketplaces from any country or currency.
  • Additionally, the software capable of to monitor shipping costs and delivery times for each competitor, helping you to decide on a global pricing strategy for your company.


  • Minderest offers different pricing plans according to number of products to be tracked as well as the competitors.
  • If you'd like to reach detailed info regarding pricing plans you need to contact their team.


  • By using Minderest, retailers can discover which price strategy each competitors apply, which companies are monitoring each other and with what profit margin. On the other hand, brands can analyze pricing and stock information of their distributors in real time.
  • Minderest's intuitive tool, InStore allows you to monitor / compare price and stock information of the online and offline channels.
  • Moreover, Minderest helps organizations to stay competitive edge 24/7, by offering them the combination of data from offline and online stores.


  • Minderest's pretty crowded GUI doesn't really handy when it comes to perform quick actions / analysis.
  • Minderest doesn't disclose pricing on their website. To obtain any detailed info, you can either contact with them or request a Demo.

Is it good for you?


  • If you come from industry with 100% standardized part numbers, used by all players in the market.


  • In all other cases
Data Import / Export
Price and stock availability change alerts
Analytical Reports
Advanced price detection
MAP Features
Profitability Analysis

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