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Competitor Monitor was founded in 2010 and it is based in Durham, North of England. Competitor Monitor is a price monitoring service which automates the process of tracking competitor pricing, promotions and new product lines.

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Typical Customers

  • Competitor Monitor serves all sizes of online retailers and manufacturers around the world. It provides solutions for retailers, manufacturers and brands, that give clear understanding of pricing, protect brand's price image, build and implement pricing strategies.


  • Competitor Monitor's intuitive tool turns complex competitor intelligence into sustainable competitive advantage. Using its features gives you a chance to discover trends, conduct competitive benchmarking and receive crisp, concise and actionable recommendations built according to your business goals.
  • Moreover, they offer 2 unique services for their clients: Product Review Monitoring and Change Detect Service. By using Product Review Monitoring manufacturers can track and analyze any reviews found for their products. On the other hand, with Change Detect Service businesses can monitor every page or just specific parts of their competitors’ sites.
  • Also, Competitor Monitor's MAP monitoring feature helps manufacturers and brands track their key competitors or distributors to detect MAP violations any time. Complete visibility of your competitor's pricing and product portfolios allows you to know the brands they sell that you don't or where there is space for you to launch a unique offer on the market.


  • Competitor Monitor offers unique pricing models that depend on client's own requirements.
  • The plan you choose depends on the number of products you want to track, as well as the number of competitors you wish to monitor.


  • Competitor Monitor is one of the oldest services in the industry. It’s built by e-commerce professionals, who owned their own e-commerce business. This is a fully-automated service which is able to collect any kind of data on a given product URL: description, image, category, brand, availability, shipping, promotions, reviews and etc.
  • By using Competitor Monitor, you will have visibility into price evolution over time and a more thorough understanding of how to develop and improve your pricing strategy. Furthermore, Competitor Monitor offers a service which meets the needs of manufacturers who want to understand customer perception of the products they distribute. Additionally, their product review monitoring service integrates with their own pricing application and allows you to track and analyze any reviews found for your products, fix product issues, change a pricing strategy or manage perception with recovery communication.


  • Competitor Monitor doesn't disclose pricing on their website.

Is it good for you?


  • If you do not mind about the money that you need to pay


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