Pricing Intelligence and Competitor Monitor for Brands and Retailers

Competitoor was founded in 2015 and it is based in Carpi, Italy. Competitoor is a B2B tool that helps brands and retailers to track competition prices and get notified each time a price changes.

All sizes of businesses
starting from 2,225.00 USD / year
Free trial
Free 7-days trial
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas
Online support, Phone support, Business hours
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Supported Languages
English, Italian

Typical Customers

  • Competitoor serves all sizes of e-commerce companies around the world.
  • Competitoor helps brands, e-commerce companies and agencies to monitor online pricing and be directly updated on any price variation on the market.


  • Competitoor is a cloud-based software that helps brands and retailers to automate their daily pricing operations. The tool sends you an e-mail or dashboard alerts every time a price changes, so you can increase your profit margin while remaining in the competitive edge.
  • An innovative online solution, Competitoor allows you to collect price and stock data from any e-commerce platform and country, without currency, language or any kind of code (EAN, ASIN etc.) limitation.
  • The 3 Plans (Brand Plan, E-commerce Plan and Benchmark Plan) that Competitoor offers, includes different functionalities to cover all the needs on the market; from price monitoring to automation of dynamic pricing and to comparison of similar products.


  • Competitoor offers different yearly pricing plans for their clients.
  • The pricing plan that you choose based on how many products you wish to monitor and the number of countries that the research needs to cover.
  • To reach detailed info regarding pricing plans you need to contact with their team.


  • Competitoor’s main focus is to provide brands and retailers better pricing data to grow their sales volume and increase the profit margins of their company.
  • In addition to a structured dashboard and a near-real-time alerts, by using Competitoor’s APIs retailers can implement dynamic pricing on their e-commerce store.
  • On the other hand, by using Competitoor, brands can deal with two of their most serious problems, keeping track of online pricing applied by distributors and guarding against counterfeit goods.


  • Competitoor doesn't disclose pricing on their website. To obtain any information regarding pricing, you can either contact with them or request a Demo.
  • Competitoor doesn't support classical manual matching for their clients however, they do support automated matching with manual confirmation. Also, clients are allow to perform manual product matching by their own.
  • Competitoor’s account setup takes a bit longer time than the expected.
  • Competitoor doesn’t support monthly subscriptions / payments.

Is it good for you?


  • Even though EAN codes or SKUs are not present on your industry, and you still want product matching to be performed by using different criteria such as; images.
  • If you’re not limited by budget and don’t mind about long term contracts.
  • If you don’t know who your competitors are and wish to find out.


  • If you need a powerful reporting and analytics solution in addition to price monitoring.
  • If you or your competitors have frequent assortment changes (new product matches searched in long time intervals)
Data Import / Export
Price and stock availability change alerts
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Profitability Analysis
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