Sniffie – The Pricing Automation Company 

Sniffie was founded in September 2015 and it is based in Helsinki, Finland. Sniffie is a price monitoring and pricing automation software solution for e-commerce and retail.

All sizes of business
Starting price 529 EUR/month
Free trial
A free trial is not offered
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas, Mobile
Google Shopping, Shopify, Magento, Excel, Tableau, Google Sheets
Chat, Phone (during business hours), Help-portal online
Onboarding, Tutorials, User manual, Workshops, Webinars, Blog
Supported Languages
English, Finnish, Swedish, German

Typical Customers

  • Sniffie serves all sizes of e-commerce companies all around the world. With Sniffie, you can monitor data on the web anywhere and optimize your pricing with your own pricing strategies - without any technical expertise or know-how about coding.


  • Sniffie monitors the market and your competitors while providing you a clean data in understandable dashboards. Sniffie notifies you immediately when a competitor changes prices, so you can make sure to stay up to date on the market.
  • With Sniffie’s pricing module you can change prices on products, set pricing strategies, set campaigns and either let the machine do all the work automatically or approve the suggested changes as you go along
  • Sniffie’s Google Shopping-integration allows you to change prices instantly in your Google shopping store.


  • Sniffie’s pricing depends on the chosen modules and the number of products and competitors you wish to follow.
  • The price monitoring module starts from 529€ and the repricing module from 989€. For the Google Shopping-integration, you pay from 3% of the ad spend used through Sniffie.
  • An onboarding fee will be charged and the size depends on the number of products and data needed to set up the account. To learn more, you can get in touch with the Sniffie team for a custom quote.


  • Sniffie's intuitive tool turns complex price monitoring into a simple one. Once you install Sniffie Web Extension, you can parse the data on the browser by category or product and then serialize the extraction process. From a single data point to extracting data from multiple sources is possible with Sniffie.
  • Sniffie gives you a way to monitor the market and get notifications when someone changes prices. Also, the tool allows you to export your data into different formats and onto familiar platforms.
  • Furthermore, Sniffie offers integrations into different dashboards, PIM and ERP systems, including MS Excel, Google Sheets, and Tableau. All you need to do is, create an API link with a few clicks and import your data into your preferred software.
  • By using Sniffie's price optimization algorithm, you can set pricing strategies, campaigns and optimize your prices. In case you're using Google Shopping, Shopify or Magento, you can integrate your store with Sniffie and perform semi or fully automated repricing. Or you can even decide on the products to be price optimized from Sniffie's mobile app.


  • Sniffie supports automated matching with a manual confirmation. The classic manual matching approach is not applicable.
  • It's difficult for Sniffie to monitor sites with different product parameters (products that have a variation of size or color, all shown on the same product page).
  • The service is more targeted towards enterprise-level customers so it can be a bit pricey for small businesses.
  • Sniffie doesn’t offer a free trial, so you can’t test it out before deciding on any payments.

Is it good for you?


  • If you come from an industry where all competitors use same part numbers such as; EAN / UPC.
  • If you are not monitoring products with different parameters
  • If you are changing prices in your online store(s) or retail store(s) quite actively
  • If you don’t have budget concerns


  • If you are only looking for a price monitoring or a web scraping software
  • If you are looking for a self-service software
  • If you have a small number of products to be monitored.
Price and stock availability change alerts
Data Import & Export
Price Optimization
Captures product images & thumbs
Analytical Reports
Profitability Analysis

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