Prisync – Competitor Price Tracking & Monitoring Software

Prisync was launched in 2014 and it is based on Istanbul, Turkey. Prisync is a competitor price tracking and monitoring software for all sizes of e-commerce companies worldwide.

All sizes of business
Starting price 49.00USD/month
Free trial
Free 14-day trial
Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas
Online support, Phone support, Business hours
Demo session, Video Tutorials, Documentation
Supported Languages
English, Turkish

Typical Customers

  • Prisync serves all sizes of ecommerce companies around the world. Prisync is a data-oriented technology company that use advanced technologies to collect and store the data of e-commerce world.


  • Prisync tracks prices and stock availabilities of competitors' products 4 times a day and reports this data within Prisync's web application. Additionally, Prisync sends email alerts when it detects a change in competitors' prices. All the data available in the account can be exported into an Excel file in seconds, and this export file can set to be automatically delivered to users' email addresses.
  • Prisync also offers reporting at Brand & Category level to offer understanding of the market for Brand & Category Managers within ecommerce teams.


  • Prisync have different pricing plans depending on the number of SKUs to be tracked within an account and also the feature set required by the user.
  • 3 different plans cover up to 100, 1000 and 5000 SKUs respectively and comes with a pricing of 49, 119 and 209 USD/month respectively, along with varying feature sets covered.
  • Companies that need to monitor more than 5000 SKUs with Prisync can get in touch with Prisync, and their team will provide a flexible quote.


  • Prisync helps companies deal with the fired-up competition in the e-commerce market by tracking the prices and stock availabilities of competitors` products. Also, companies that need to further integrate the data generated by Prisync with their other internal tools or services, can use Prisync's seamless API in JSON format. In addition to its own API integration, it's integrates with one of the major ecommerce platform Shopify.


  • Prisync doesn't able to track the sites with good IT protection. Moreover, it's quite difficult for them to monitor complex sites with different product parameters (products which have variation of size / color, all shown on the same product page).
  • Additionally, their product matching works in a bit unclear way – they would not disclose what part of the process is manual and what part is done automatically (they claim that it’s a combined process)

Is it good for you?


  • If you’re looking for a primarily cheap price monitoring solution
  • If you come from the less competitive industry that your competitors are not trying to ban you aggressively
  • If you are not monitoring products with different parameters
  • If you use supported Ecommerce platform; Shopify


  • In all other cases
Unlimited number of competitors
Product matching - combined Automated + Manual
Data Export
Price and stock avalibility change alerts
Analytical Reports

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