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Sniffie was founded in September 2015 and it is based on Helsinki, Finland. Sniffie is an online market intelligence tool for price monitoring. Sniffie helps e-commerce companies and omni-channel retailers  to follow competitor pricing, top selling products, availability and other relevant activities.

All sizes of business
Starting price Free/month
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Platforms Supported
Web - Cloud, Saas
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Supported Languages
English, Finnish, Swedish, German

Typical Customers

  • Sniffie serves all sizes of e-commerce companies and omni-channel retailers all around the world. With Sniffie, you can monitor data on the web anywhere, anytime to support your business - without any technical expertise or know-how about coding.


  • Sniffie monitors competitor pricing and looks for valuable gaps in the market and scan possible signals for growth. Sniffie notifies you immediately when your competitor changes pricing, runs out of stock, introduces new products or services, or changes key personnel.
  • While you are monitoring the market with Sniffie, you can also create a database to use it for future estimations. Additionally, by using Sniffie's fully customizable dashboards, you can share your market insights easily with your team.


  • Sniffie have different pricing plans depending on the number of products to be tracked within a certain number of URLs and also the feature set required by the user.
  • 4 different plans cover up to 100, 1000, 6000 and 15000 products and 5, 50, 500, 1000 active URLs respectively and comes with a pricing of 0, 84.90, 299 and 549 EUR /month respectively, along with varying feature sets covered.
  • Additionally, Sniffie offers lifetime Freemium plan for its users.
  • Companies that need to monitor more than 15000 products and 1000 active URLs, can get in touch with Sniffie, and their team will provide a custom quote.


  • Sniffie's intuitive tool turns complex competitor monitoring into simple one. Once you install Sniffie Web Extension, you can parse the data on the browser by category and then serialize the extraction to other categories. From a single data point to extracting data from multiple sources is possible with Sniffie.
  • Also, Sniffie gives you a way to analyze competitor pricing, product changes, category sizes, best sellers with its automatic big data analytics. Simply, the tool allows you to follow the things that matter to your e-commerce.
  • Furthermore, Sniffie offers integrations into different dashboards, PIM and ERP systems , including MS Excel, Google Sheets and Tableau. All you need to do is, create an API link with a few clicks and import your data into your preferred software.


  • Sniffie supports automated matching with manual confirmation. To be more precise, you are only allowed to add products manually if you have it in the system. Classic manual matching approach is not applicable.
  • They have a pretty unusual way of price monitoring: instead of monitoring single product pages, they are monitoring category pages, and from there, they capture multiple products / their prices. As a result, they limit your account to X URLs (category pages) and Y products.
  • Sniffie software is limited to track product categories from the sites with good IT protection. Moreover, it's quite difficult for them to monitor marketplaces and complex sites with different product parameters (products which have variation of size / color, all shown on the same product page).

Is it good for you?


  • If you come from industry where all competitors use same part numbers such as; / EAN / UPC.
  • If you come from the less competitive industry that your competitors are not trying to ban you aggressively
  • If you are not monitoring market places and products with different parameters


  • In all other cases
Price and stock availability change alerts
Data Export
Captures product images / thumbs
Analytical Reports

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